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Steel is an extremely important part of our day to day existence. Be it in the kitchen or the car you drive, it surely makes its presence felt everywhere. Needless to say, with the passage of time, the demands of man is increasing and increasing to such an extent that the earth is finding it extremely difficult to keep up with it. Therefore technology is coming up with a variety of ways in which the natural resources of the earth can be conserved to a great extent and steel recycling is one such method. There are various ways in which steel recycling can prove to be extremely beneficial and some of those advantages have been discussed below.

Steel is made from iron and the recycling of steel prevents the need to mine for additional iron and coal. Metal recycling is an extremely cost effective process unlike the mining of a virgin metal. It uses up less amount of energy like oil and gas therefore contributing towards energy efficiency as well. During mining and the purification of metals, there are a lot of poisonous gases that get emitted into the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide for instance, is an extremely harmful gas that has the potential to cause a lot of damage to the environment of our planet. Recycling on the hand releases no such gas, hence keeping the air clean and free of pollutants.

Previously, all kinds of rubbish and scrap used to be disposed off as landfills. If you are wondering what landfills are, they are nothing but holes that are dug on the ground, filled with trash and buried back again. With time, such landfill sites have become quite scarce. Recycling therefore has been able to wipe out the need for them and the metal requirements of the world are being met with in a smooth manner.

Another very important advantage of steel recycling is they do not lose out on their properties and qualities in spite of being recycled over and over again. This is indeed a good thing because the requirements of the people can be meted out without further plundering the wealth of nature.
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Advantages Of Steel Recycling

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This article was published on 2011/04/19